I have spent my whole professional life living in the public eye as it were. I work on stage and love it, presenting and influencing with no effort at all.

My name is Guy and this is my blog, my personal blog. A blog is an everyday occurrence in today’s online world, but for me, is it an Everest.

A very wise man once told me to try to do the things that I find the hardest. This is one of those things. So this is to grow, to evolve, nothing more.

This blog is called “Olive Moments”, the reason, after over thirty years of hating olives I realised I actually liked them. From there the dominoes began to fall.

My first “Olive Moment”

My first “Olive Moment” Roughly eighteen months ago now I had an experience and it changed me, I think it changed me forever, well, at least I really hope it has. … I was in Belgium with my friend Marc, we were visiting his father for the weekend. I go quite often with Marc to…

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The tectonic plates of me.

The tectonic plates of me. Up until recently I lived in the north west of Ireland. I lived in Donegal town and then in two different locations close to Sligo. The only thing that kept me there for over eight years was… The landscape, the geology. It is so close to my idea of perfect.…

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Im sorry, we are all out of chai latte…!

Im sorry, we are all out of chai latte…! Said the lovely waitress. “Excuse me while I have a tantrum for a minute” I said, and I did. Tantrum over and while wondering what to have instead, the lovely waitress says… “Try an warm apple chai”. I pull a disgusted face, you know the one,…

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I will never… I am never…!

I will never… I am never…! I remember starting so many statements i my life with each of those begininings. I will NEVER do…! I am NEVER going to do…! Blah, blah, blah and more blah, then some more blah with cherries on top. I know I believed wholeheartedly whatever the end of the statement…

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Psycadelic Reset

I have recently been reset. Mentally and in turn emotionally too. Just over six weeks ago I took my first step into the world of LSD. This step was not taken for the trip, although I have always been curious about the experience which LSD provides. I have always believed that if I am to…

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